Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 21st Century Book: Book to the Future

Book Lovers, the Library will be offering a course next year called, "The Art of the Book". Avid readers, creative writers, students who enjoy art and future librarians should consider this course. The purpose of the course is to create a 21st century book. We will discuss in class what we think the 21st century will offer in the way of books and you will be free to interpret our discussion and create your idea of a book as the final project. The book does not have to be what most of us consider books today. It can be anything that tells a story. This means it could be a box with some of your favorite things, just as long as you somehow create a story around them. It could be a photojournal made up of hundreds of pictures, again, just as long as it tells a story. Use your art skills to construct a way to tell your story, it might be just colorful covers or something that no one has ever seen before. You might add videos, songs, or smells. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Think big, think boldly, make a book that the world has never seen before! The change to a new, 21st century book is happening, like the Kindle. It may make as much of a difference as the Gutenberg printing press, see what you can create.

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