Monday, January 31, 2011

Daily Book Talk

Ghosts of War by Ryan Smithson

Thought it was pretty good, a nice look into the life of a teenage soldier, but I started to wonder who wrote the book. It doesn't sound like the voice of a kid just out of high school. Then I started to question how sincere the reports were. If someone else is writing this, then the Ghost Writer could be telling half truths. I don't know, if he wrote it, I apologize, but does this sound like an 18 year old person who wasn't excited to go to college and become a writer. If he can write like this he should be taking Creative Writing classes at a college.


Anonymous said...

Ryan Smithson is still in college part time, working full time and enjoying life with his wife and new child. The writing of his stories helped him with PTSD.

Your Friendly Librarians said...

Thanks for the information. I looked at a couple of sites and found that he enjoys writing. I guess the writing was so impressive that it made me wonder if the book was being used as propaganda to get other 19 year olds to join up.