Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily Book Talk

The Passage by Justin Cronin

Why do post-apocalyptic novels give us hope? Don't quite understand these feelings. Cronin creates a dynamic tale that traverses at least a hundred years, from the time of the development of a virus that is supposed to create super soldiers to the eventual destruction of society when those super soldiers become blood thirsty animals. It was a unique way to create multiple protagonists. Each time period had a hero and their actions were each unique to the period of the outbreak that they lived through. Great suspense and darkness, it allowed for the good things that happened to really strike a deep chord. Wonderful.

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UK said...

loved The Passage. It was shocking, suspenseful, intriguing, complex, filled with terror, horror, deceit, perseverance, and love.
It begins in the future with the U.S. still at war with terror. The military is secretly attempting to bioengineer the 'perfect' soldier using death row inmates that no one will notice has gone missing. The inmates infected with the bioengineered virus escape and wreak havoc throughout the U.S. Ironically the Gulf of Mexico is referrenced as being so thick with oil that you could walk across it without getting wet. I can't imagine anyone not loving this book.