Sunday, February 20, 2011

Books Talking

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The twist of having Katniss return to the arena caught me off balance, I thought that the revolution would have begun near the beginning of the book rather than at the end, but it was still an extremely exciting read.  I am a curious about the trend in young adult fiction to write trilogies.  Matched by Allie Condie presents a government run society where even our husbands and wives are picked for us.  The first book in this trilogy really doesn't do much, just introduces the society.  It is curious that we are trying to make stories more verbose.  I love it when I am entranced by a novel and I don't want it to end, so I understand why we are heading in this direction, but there is a balance between poetry and too verbose prose.  Just thinking aloud.  Wondering where this trend will take us.  Movies are getting longer as well to do justice to the wonderful novels that are being produced.  Is our creativity as a whole that much better? Does new digital graphics allow us to create such remarkable visions that a three, four, or five hour movie becomes the norm.  The holodeck in Star Trek is a remarkable idea.  Living in a dream world.  Doing whatever it is we like.  Interacting with characters throughout history.  If that is where we are going, then I can see why more verbose prose becomes necessary.  It isn't necessarily the story that is important, but being in that place, wherever or whenever the story is communicating to us. 

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