Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daily Book Talk

Peak by Roland Smith

Loved it! Talk about a great message, 'Going to the top isn't everything'. I wish he would have put the flag where he did and then climbed to the top. This might have played on the personal success versus success in the eyes of our peers idea. It would have really brought home doing things that you value no matter what everyone else thinks. I still think the idea of not having to accomplish things is huge, but that message is easily converted to being completely unproductive. Smith's novel asks us what we should value.  What is important to us as people? Have we lost site of what really matters? Pro athletes, some of them idols of thousands/millions, are making very questionable life decisions and we let them do this and continue on because the Sunday afternoon television of whatever event it is is more important than teaching our children how to live.  Why do we have to go to the top? Why are there phrases like, 'winning isn't everything, it's the only thing'? Why doesn't participation count? Why do we have to be the best?

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