Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Playing

I thought this was a beautiful story about love, competition and music.  Then near the end the author threw in a tumultuous plot development and the story went from romantic to sinister.  The malign act was the mother getting caught by her daughter in fixing the competition.  It immediately made me think of the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding incident.  Has winning become so important in our society that fixing violin competitions is even a thought in an author's head.  When did we fall so low? It's absolutely disgusting. So many don't know how to win.  So many don't know how to lose.  So many think winning is the only thing.  So many have lost why we do things to begin with.  Why we run, sing, paint or whatever.  Writer's need to get published.  Athletes need to win.  What happened to, 'do your best'.  What happened to the intrinsic value of doing something you love.  I guess multi-million dollar competitions do that to people.  They make rich people with terrible character.  We need look no further than some of our favorite sports stars to see what the system we have created does to people.  

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