Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A friend had told me that the main character time travels back to the late eighteenth century France.  That made me skeptical on how realistic the fiction would be or if it would slide into more of a fantastical nature.  Donnelly was able to create a wonderful slide through time that made historical fiction come alive.  She used a journal that survived in a old guitar to begin the time tranformation.  Allowing you to mentally travel back through time with the journal entries.  Then using the main character's recently unstable mind because of the death of her younger brother, she completed the transformation.  The main character took a slight overdose of the medication she was on, giving the possibility that the trip through time was do to the overdose.  While in the alternate time she to complete the work of one of the character's in the journal.  This allowed the wounds brought on by the death of her brother to begin to heal.  

I said it a couple reviews ago, but how come everyone turns to music when they feel like something is missing.  I love it, I just am surprised that so many books with music as the comforting force have come out this year.  

I know love conquers all, but does music as well?

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