Monday, May 7, 2012

A friend's recommendation of this led me to believe that there were chapters filled with narrative from the eyes of different dogs.  King actually only did a couple chapters in that style, leaving me to wonder what the story might have been like if there were hundreds of narratives from dogs throughout time.  From that initial description I couldn't quite place my finger on what genre the book should have been in.  It seemed like it was a cross between historical fiction and fantasy.  So the finished product was not exactly what I expected given that much of the story was told from the perspective of a girl in a very realistic, modern setting.  Even if that girl had memories from the last hundred lives she had lived.

Regardless of my misperception, this turned out to be a sensational read.  Everything fit.  It was just good storytelling.  Plenty of swashbuckling description that rivaled Treasure Island.  The thoughts of the pirate turned twentieth century girl in her hundredth life after she dies as a pirate is nonstop ludicrous fun.  

If you are looking for something fun, pick this one up.

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