Thursday, May 10, 2012

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think Shulman should have made a series with this idea.  I understand that the Sister's Grimm is already on the market and that potentially we don't need another series based on the Grimm tales, but there's got to be an enormous market out there for it.  Think of what Riordan was able to do with Greek Mythology.

In general, I am completely opposed to series.  I think most of them could be told in one book.  Publishers are of course looking to make the biggest profit, so I am surprised they didn't see the potential in Shulman's Repository of Magical Objects.  Each object has a story and could have been used to create a world of adventure.  There could have been a version of the Grimm tales that they were trying to find throughout the series, a book with the real Grimm tales.  

Granted, I haven't read all of the Sister's Grimm, and I am in the dark as to what has already been written, but this was such an enjoyable read, that I wished it would have gone a little further.  Does the Sister's Grimm do what I am asking? Or is there room for tales based on the Grimm tales?

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