Monday, May 21, 2012

Time Skips

As the school year comes to an end, I am left wondering just exactly where the year went.  Or for that matter, the last several years.  Such an elusive concept time and as it slips away what are we to do.  Thompson's creative bent on this age old conundrum puts us gently to sleep and makes us dream of a place where  there is more than enough time.  Actually it is a place where time stands still, so maybe there is really no time at all.    Don't know which idea comforts the nefariousness of lost time more, no time or all the time in the world.  They both have a unique feel, a unique magic.

I found it fitting that Thompson's hero played music in that other world and that each of her chapters began with several measures of music.  It is a good analagy for that timelessness.  How many times have you been lost completely in a tune?  Whether music is soothing, allows escape, takes you to another time or place, when it stops we are back in the world where time skips away.

Though I think I like thinking of time skipping away.  As compared to it flying.  I know I'm splitting hairs here, the time is gone regardless, but it skipping away makes my heart feel slightly warmer.  Time flying leaves me agitated, as if I had done nothing with the time that has passed.

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